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About Electrical 101

Welcome to Electrical101.com. This website is primarily for people who are not electricians. However, electricians can use this site for reference. The purpose of this site is to give information to help people understand the electrical aspects of the home and office.

This site will show how to troubleshoot electrical circuits, replace switches, install or replace ballasts and more. An electrician does not need to be called to reset a circuit breaker or a GFCI receptacle, this site will show how. We can help you find an electrician and be able to communicate whatever problem you are having.

Electrical101.com does not encourage you to do electrical work if you are not a qualified electrician. Working with electricity can be very dangerous. However, this site will provide information about certain tasks so you can make your own decisions about doing any needed electrical work. If you decide to do your own electrical work, do so at your own risk.